T-Shirt Screen Printing: An Introduction

More important, the inks dry quickly close to the surface. Fabric, however, is absorbent, allowing the inks to saturate deeper than paper, that makes fabric great for permanent print. This also has an effect on the best way colors look, especially processing light-colored inks on dark colored custom t-shirt printing. First, let’s start by studying the differences in the way fabric and paper handle printed designs. Paper as being a print medium translates most from any particular item using the pc screen to print. Since paper isn’t as absorbent as fabric, the inks dry faster with minimal color mixing.

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For example, if you need a white print design over a black t-shirt, the colour will translate differently because the black of the t-shirt will dominate the white ink. The solution to this prevalent problem is running the white ink twice with flashing between each printer run. What is flashing?

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As far as the printing is involved, custom T-shirt printing is a vast industry. It has 1000s of small and big companies. They come with lots of printing solutions and build branded tshirts using t-shirt maker. But discovering the main one ideal printing company out of a huge number of them is difficult. Also remember that the design should use whatever t-shirt color you select: a design with dark colors won’t make an appearance well on the dark blue or black t-shirt. So, once you learn you wish to print on black t-shirts your design has to use lighter colors and the opposite way round.